Madonna Experience

There is a significant difference in the type of care and treatment patients receive at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital compared to that in other programs. The first difference is the belief that the body, mind, and spirit must heal together; indeed they must heal each other. Madonna's approach to rehabilitation means not just providing therapy, it means putting lives and families and hopes and dreams back together. Those who come to Madonna for help become part of a loving and caring family of experts and friends.

At Madonna the interdisciplinary team approach involves the patient and family, referring physician, rehabilitation physician, case manager, nutrition therapist, respiratory therapist, rehabilitation nurse, physical and occupational therapists, orthotic and prosthetic (braces and artificial limbs) technician, psychologist, social workers, speech-language pathologists, therapeutic recreation specialists, vocational rehabilitation consultants and spiritual care counselors.

All of Madonna's programs offer:

  • An intensive therapy program seven days a week
  • Programs with less intensive therapy, depending on the needs of the patient
  • 24-hour rehabilitation nursing and physician supervision
  • A continuum of inpatient and outpatient programs to provide services in your home or in Madonna's day treatment program

Madonna has developed and supports six recognized rehabilitation programs. All have received the highest possible level of accreditation from the Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities (CARF).


The difference between a specialized rehabilitation hospital like Madonna and any other kind of therapy program is the focus on "real life" skills. Exercise and treatment are important, but at Madonna the process of relearning work skills, cooking, driving, writing or handling finances means the patient will have what it takes to get back to his or her life again. It's that environment of "hope" where ordinary desires become extraordinary realizations.

Experienced staff and state-of-the art equipment allow Madonna programs to be progressive and innovative. Spacious treatment areas, many private rooms with roll-in showers, and lounges for family gatherings all contribute to a comfortable rehabilitation experience.

Plans are begun early to make a smooth transition from the hospital to home. More than 80 percent of Madonna patients who complete their program return to their previous living situation.
A patient's progress is monitored throughout the rehabilitation process. By comparing scores of similar patient groups, it is possible to estimate how much care and time are needed to reach each person's specific goals.

The value of Madonna's experienced staff, who treat thousands of patients every year, means that each therapist can offer the latest techniques and methods to produce the best results for every patient.

For some, hope comes from a place deep within. Others are motivated or inspired from an outside source. For many, hope is nurtured and cultivated - and that's the Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital experience.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
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