Professional Development

Madonna provides clinicians the opportunities to specialize in subjects of special interest. These individuals then serve as champions for their clinical teams. The hospital also invests additional training and education to further develop their level of expertise.

A professional practice ladder (ICAN) is used to recognize staff that are involved in initiatives that improve the clinical care provided to our patients.

We also offer monthly CEUs free-of-charge to aid in meeting licensure requirements. Local, regional and national speakers present on topics identified as priorities by the clinical staff.

The hospital embraces a systems framework, which means we believe in an integrated, interdisciplinary approach to patient-focused care. The contributions of all clinical specialties are both expected and respected in our setting.

You will enjoy the time you have with patients at Madonna to build relationships and get to know family members. Working alongside other clinical professionals committed to quality care builds a sense of accomplishment. Rehabilitation at Madonna is a holistic approach with the goal of maximizing patients' abilities, independence and self reliance.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
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