A year-long postgraduate residency program, the resident has the opportunity to experience a variety of orthopedic diagnosis and population groups. Residents work to build his/her unique style of care with added value of feedback and guidance from a mentor in the clinical setting and academic work from Creighton University.

Patient Population:

The resident will experience a variety patients ranging from adolescent sports injuries, adult weekend warriors to total knees and hips and general orthopedic care.  


The unique setting of ProActive allows for residents to interact with personal trainers, exercise physiologists, dieticians, massage therapists, and sports performance trainers. We have had the opportunity in the past for residents to watch surgeries, observe phase II cardiac rehab, experience hand therapy, and participate in aquatic therapy.

Setting :

We are located inside a beautiful state of the art fitness facility with direct access to pools, free weight equipment, variety of resistance machines and aerobic machines.

The resident will spend Monday, Wednesday, and Friday in the clinic working with patients and Tuesday and Thursday at Creighton, where the resident partakes in lectures, research and teaching. On clinic days the resident will have their own case loads as well as time set aside for mentoring sessions. These sessions are often resident lead and cover a wide range of topics from current caseload and patients, to best practice/current research, what it means to be an expert clinician.

Mentor :

Douglas Tvrdy PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS

A Physical therapist since 2004, he has been a certified strength and conditioning specialist since 2003 and an Orthopedic Certified specialist since 2007. He is an APTA certified advanced clinical instructor. He specializes in spine, knee, shoulder and hip conditions.

For more details see Creighton University website at http://spahp.creighton.edu/departments-offices/physical-therapy-department/physical-therapy-residencies


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