Employee Health Services - WELCOA Gold-Level Status

The Wellness Council of America's (WELCOA) Well Workplace has awarded Gold-level status to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for exceptional workplace wellness practices in 2007. WELCOA recognizes workplaces at the bronze, silver, gold and platinum-level every three years.

"We are very excited about receiving this award. Only three other Lincoln business communities received this level of recognition this year, and only 22 worksites in the nation who have received the platinum-level status," said Sandy Stutzman, employee health manager at Madonna.

WELCOA focuses on building Well Workplaces-organizations that are dedicated to the health of their employees. The Well Workplace process provides business leaders and members with a structure or blue print to help their organizations build results-oriented wellness programs. The process includes seven well-established benchmarks including:

- Securing senior-level support
- Assembling a wellness team
- Collecting organizational data
- Writing an operating plan and implementing interventions
- Fostering a supportive environment
- Evaluating outcomes

Ultimately these programs help employees make better lifestyle choices and positively impact the organization's bottom line. To date, more than 900 companies have received the prestigious Well Workplace award.

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