Resident Testimonials

Kylie Aufderheide, 2013-14

Program Benefits: During my residency program I was able to receive structured mentorship from exceptional clinicians with neurologic specialty certifications. The mentorship I received extended beyond discussion of a clinical case and was a very dynamic, hands-on environment.  One of the greatest benefits I believe of the residency program was the opportunity to continually challenge and improve my clinical reasoning process

Why Creighton/Madonna: I chose to pursue a post-graduate residency with Creighton University and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital because I knew I would receive exceptional mentorship. With the guidance and resources of the leadership staff I was confident I would be able to significantly advance my clinical reasoning skills and professional development.

Unique Learning Opportunities: Throughout my residency program I was provided endless opportunities for unique learning experiences. One of the greatest benefits of the program for me was an opportunity to teach within the entry-level Doctorate of Physical Therapy Program at Creighton University. I believe this was one of the most challenging components but also developed a significant amount of growth and confidence in my knowledge and skills of the neurologic patient.  I had the opportunity to utilize a variety of specialty equipment such as robotic assisted body weight support treadmill training, FES bikes, Eksoskeleton and the iCare elliptical trainer.

Alyssa Gillen, 2014-2015

Program Benefits: Through the residency program, I have been able to greatly improve my knowledge, clinical reasoning and intervention skills in the treatment of patients with neurologic diagnoses.  In addition to a variety of patient care, residents are able to receive a large amount of one-to-one co-treat and mentoring time in which experienced clinicians help to enhance clinical reasoning skills in patient care. 

 Why Creighton/Madonna: I was impressed with the structure of the residency program. As a resident, three days per week are spent at Madonna in patient care. Two days per week are spent teaching in the Creighton University DPT program in the Neurologic Physical Therapy lecture and labs. One afternoon per week is also spent treating patients in the ICU. Beyond experience in patient care and teaching, there is a large amount of education we are able to receive through the residency program. We participate in the nationwide NeuroConsortium, which provides live webinars about topics in neurologic physical therapy to neurologic residents in different programs across the country. The education curriculum also includes classes on-site at Creighton University specific for the neurologic residents and for Creighton University residents in different specialty areas.

Unique learning opportunities: At Madonna, I have had the opportunity to learn about specialized intervention equipment including the Lokomat, Body Weight Support Treadmill, I-CARE, and Proprio, Bioness, and Eksoskeleton. Another unique learning opportunity I have had was the chance to spend time observing with an on-site orthotist and prosthetist to learn more about bracing, prosthetics and the importance of interprofessional teamwork when caring for patients. I have also had the opportunity to observe and be mentored by several physical therapists who have significant clinical experience in neurologic physical therapy and also have specialty skills in manual therapy and vestibular rehabilitation.


Qing Zhang, 2014-2015

Program Benefits: The neurologic residency program at Creighton University and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is the best place to help me in attaining my long-term career goals, including becoming a Neurologic Certified Specialist, an advanced clinical practitioner and a clinical associate professor, and developing the first Doctor of Physical Therapy program in China. There is the urgent need to improve the early intervention and standardized evaluation and outcome assessment for patients with neurological impairments in China since the development of physical therapy is falling behind at this moment.  The neurologic residency program at Creighton University and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital offers broad clinical experience across inpatient and outpatient, as well as supportive mentors who are leaders in their fields.

Why Creighton/Madonna: This is the best opportunity to continue my academic education and raise myself to a higher clinical level through combined neurologic courses and the guidance of brilliant neurologic clinical specialists. Creighton University and Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital Neurologic Residency Program also provides research opportunities and teaching experience, making an ideal combination for both the practice of academic research and for the preparation of becoming a clinical instructor and developing better DPT program in China.

Unique learning opportunities: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital provides the opportunity to rotate in inpatient and outpatient settings. This rotation is intended to allow me to strengthen my understanding of the whole picture of patients with common neurological diagnosis. There is also opportunity for additional experiences to meet individual needs and to expose to a variety of new technology, such as BWSTT or Lokomat.  In addition, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital provides a wide breath of exposure to patients with neurological conditions requiring multidiscipline cooperation.




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