Resident Testimonials

Carla Franck, PT, DPT, OCS 2012-2013

Program benefits: There are multiple benefits to a residency program like the Madonna-Creighton Residency Program.  First of all, there is more emphasis on the academics in this program. You are provided a balance of classroom, teaching, and clinic time. This is very important and necessary for learning the material and applying new information to patients.  For example, you learn the information, apply it in patient care, and teach it to the DPT class. The best way to really ‘know’ the material is to have to teach it! Second, Madonna is a phenomenal facility. My favorite part about Madonna is the clinic staff. These are some of the most well-rounded and intelligent clinicians and support staff. I am still to this day marveled at how well everyone works together and keeps a positive energy.  This can be a rare existence in the ever changing world of healthcare.  I give the Madonna PT/OT Department five stars!  And lastly, and maybe most important of all, is the excellence in mentoring. I am one of the lucky ones and got the opportunity to learn from the best. Doug Tvrdy is truly one of the most outstanding clinicians I have ever worked with. He has been a key person in my development as a physical therapist. He is systematic, ethical, and genuine. These are all characteristics I try and apply to my daily practice just like Doug.  I am a better clinician because of my experience at Madonna!

Why Madonna/Creighton: Becoming a physical therapist is a process, a specific learning process. It takes time and experience. I speak from my time and experience at Madonna-Creighton and will tell you it is the best! As experience is the greatest of teachers, I know if you choose Madonna-Creighton you will never regret it!

Unique learning opportunities: Madonna is a unique clinic that sets patients up for success. As fitness is one of the main components in physical and mental health, Madonna provides an all-inclusive facility at your fingertips. You are able, as a clinician, to treat and educate your patients and then offer them an opportunity to transfer from a patient to a gym member in order to continue with their activity level. This transfer is familiar, safe, and easy.  It is vital that patients continue to stay as active as they can following rehabilitation, and Madonna does it best!

Evan Hansen 2013-2014

Program Benefits: Madonna's orthopedic residency offered me the opportunity to work with a variety of unique patient cases as well as other healthcare professionals to learn to provide interdisciplinary care. The expert-level mentorship provided by the staff provided me the guidance to increase my clinical decision making and treatment skills.

Why Creighton/Madonna: I always felt like the Madonna staff was there to help me become a better PT in any way they could. Working at a clinic that is in the middle of a health and wellness gym allowed me to promote long-term exercise adherence to my patients as well as to work with a more active and fit population than I would have at other clinic sites. 

Unique learning opportunities: Seeing my former patients working out in the gym after I had discharged them was always a really powerful experience. Also having an entire gym complete with workout equipment, an indoor track, full basketball court, and an aquatic pool at my disposal allowed me to be creative with my exercise prescription to get my patients back to higher level activities much faster.

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