Profiling communication characteristics: Children with developmental apraxia of speech

By L.J. Ball, J.E. Bernthal, and D.R. Beukelman


Children with DAS demonstrate a broad spectrum of communication problems in addition to their speech impairment. This poster presentation will report the communication profiles of 36 children with DAS. Data were obtained from direct assessment of children with DAS in both rural and urban midwestern regions. Children with DAS are described using their overall communication characteristics. Profiling of DAS characteristics is presented as a framework for describing children based upon comprehensive assessment procedures. Cluster analysis was used and identified communication disorder profiles for this group of children based upon evaluation results using common clinical tools. Efficacious assessment of children with DASí communication skills includes clinical evaluation of motor speech, language, intelligibility, academic performance, and social/behavioral interactions. In this poster, a view of how DAS affects a child will be described. Clinical implications will be highlighted.