AEROWIN RT:Clinical Application for Motor Speech Disorders

R Vantipalli, S Barlow


A new clinical tool designated as AEROWIN RT has been developed to provide the clinician with a 6-minute automated aerodynamic measurement system to quantitatively assess vocal tract function during speech in a variety of patient populations, including children with orofacial clefts, and throughout the lifespan in patients with motor speech disorders.Real time display, stimulus control, and digital signal processing and automated report generation provide the speech pathologist with rapid, calibrated aerodynamic data on nasal cavity resistance, velopharyngeal resistance, and laryngeal airway resistance during speech and nonspeech activities.Moreover, the same technology can be used to develop customized treatment protocols using biofeedback.A wide range of time domain analyses completed on 16-bit resolution acoustic, air pressure, and air flow signals during patient evaluation provide the clinician with a new tool for exploring mechanisms of plasticity and sensorimotor reorganization of the vocal tract so evident in dysarthric patients.Several examples of the automated speech aerodynamic analyses will be shown from dysarthric patients with advanced forms of Parkinsonís disease undergoing bilateral subthalamic deep brain stimulator implantation.