Assessment of Conversational Speech Intelligibility: Development of an
Approach Using Structured Dialogue and Perceptual Assessment

C Dobinson, N Miller


The purpose of this study was to test out a method of reliable perceptual assessment of conversational speech intelligibility for dysarthric speakers. The rationale for developing the assessment is presented. The main questions were: Can natural and comparable samples of conversational speech be generated? Can a perceptual scoring system be developed that is sensitive to different levels of intelligibility? Can this be used reliably by naďve listeners? The procedure used to create conversational samples is described. A scoring system, based on Lindblom’s concept of “communicative empathy” is also described. A pilot study, to test out the reliability of the scoring system is presented. The feasibility of the procedure used to generate the speech samples is discussed. The validity of the scoring system and the reliability with which it can be used is also discussed.