Real-Time Biofeedback and Speech Aerodynamics:
A Preliminary Study of Laryngeal Motor Control

M Hammer, S Barlow


This study represents findings from a preliminary investigation of laryngeal motor control using speech aerodynamics with real-time graphic display of estimated subglottal air pressure (Ps) and translaryngeal airflow, and targeted values of these measures.  Recent development of AEROWIN 2003 has made possible systematic study of these separate parameters of laryngeal motor control.  This preliminary study examined resultant sound pressure level (SPL) under conditions of constant fundamental frequency (F0) and Ps while systematically varying mean translaryngeal airflow (V-Flow).  Initial findings indicate a curvilinear relationship between V-Flow and SPL.  Relatively stable values of SPL were maintained over a considerable range of V-Flow values.  While further experiments are to follow, these preliminary data support the role of Ps in control of SPL over a wide range of V-Flow values, and have implications for understanding normal laryngeal control and therapeutic approaches to voice rehabilitation.