St. Angela Ventilator & Special Needs

Special Needs

St. Angela Ventilator and Special Needs is a unique area located within St. Jane de Chantal that offers a holistic approachto care with emphasis on the mind, body and spirit connection.

St. Angela's has been providing specialized care since 1985. The unit consists of 38 beds for both patients who are ventilator-dependent and those with low level traumatic brain injuries, complex wound care or who require IV nutrition therapy.

Residents on the St. Angela's ventilator program require a minimum of 10 hours of ventilator treatment per 24 hours, but most are on the ventilator at all times.

Special needs program residents have higher nursing care requirements than cannot be met in a typical nursing facility. They may be on the ventilator at night only, or they may have chronic illness, or have stage 3 or 4 chronic wounds requiring specialized dressing, treatments and specialized beds or lower level traumatic brain injury.

St. Angela's utilizes an interdisciplinary team approach to care. Professional nursing and respiratory care is offered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The high nurse to patient ratio makes this unit ideal for complex patient care.

  • The ventilator unit is one of only three in Nebraska.
  • The special needs area is the only one of its kind in the state.
  • The spacious rooms feature abundant natural light and scenic views of the courtyards.
  • Assistive technology is available to help residents with limited mobility or muscle function increase their computer skills.
  • An on-site salon offers patients the convenience of beauty and barber services.
  • Patients can choose from a wide array of extra-curricular activities, including Wii games, individual and group outings to concerts, the zoo, sporting events and more.
  • A beautiful chapel features daily Mass and weekly ecumenical services.
  • Alternative holistic therapy offerings include Tai Chi, yoga, aromatherapy, music therapy, in-room massage therapy and pet therapy.

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