Madonna Long Term Care Hospital (MLTCH) offers patients with complex medical conditions access to physical medicine and rehabilitation and daily visits by internal medicine physicians. Combined with an interdisciplinary team approach, this specialized care ensures that each patient's plan of care is targeted at achieving functional gains and independence.

Patients on MLTCH receive a wide array of services, including physical, occupational, speech, recreational, respiratory and nutritional therapies, rehabilitation nursing, rehabilitation psychology, spiritual services, orthotic/prosthetic services, case management, social work and other services depending upon the unique needs of each individual served. Therapies are provided, on average, 2 hours per day during week days with supplemental therapy on the weekend. Registered nurses with rehabilitation experience are involved with care 24 hours per day, seven days per week. Patients on MLTCH are seen daily by an internal medicine physician. Consultations with physicians with training in physical medicine and rehabilitation (called physiatrists) and other medical specialties, such as pulmonology or wound care are provided as needed.

Madonna serves adults with a wide variety of complex medical conditions resulting in activity limitations and participation restrictions on MLTCH. Cultural diversity is respected. Most patients transfer to MLTCH directly from an acute care facility, and are expected to be medically stable although still quite acutely ill. MLTCH accepts funding from Medicare and most commercial payers. Nebraska Medicaid does not recognize the LTCH level of care.

MLTCH patients are expected to discharge to a lower level of care, including community settings, acute rehabilitation hospital, or skilled nursing facilities.

Licensed as a hospital and accredited by CARF, MLTCH is a 96-bed unit that offers treatment for acute illnesses, which require a longer time to recover than is generally provided in an acute care hospital.

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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital
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