During the fiscal year July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2011, Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital discharged a total of 181 patients from the Pulmonary Program. Additional patients were served in the Ventilator Assist Unit (VAU) level of care.

Several standard measurements are used to assess the outcomes of persons served.

Outcomes: Madonna’s Pulmonary Program benchmarks with the National Association of Long Term Hospitals (NALTH), and consistently meets or exceeds set goals. The outcomes described below are for all patients with a primary diagnosis of respiratory disorder - ventilator dependent, respiratory disorder - non-ventilator dependent, or other pulmonary disorders, discharged between July 1, 2010 and June 30, 2011.

Predicted Outcomes:

  • On average, patients with pulmonary conditions achieved 80.3% of the goals established on admission.

Discharge to Community:

  • 33% of pulmonary patients on LTACH were discharged to community settings and an additional 9.4% gained the medical stability and endurance necessary for transfer to acute rehabilitation for further care.

Functional Gains:

  • On average, patients made a 17.5 point functional gain as measured by the FIM* scale.

Average Length of Stay:

  • Patients on LTACH with pulmonary conditions stayed an average of 29.5 days.

Ventilator Weaning:

  • 59% of patients on LTACH were successfully weaned from their ventilators, exceeding Madonna's goal of 50%. The average number of days to wean was 18, exceeding Madonna's goal of 20 days.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • 64 of inpatients rated their overall experience as "Excellent" and 89% rated "Excellent" or "Good."

RIMM: The Respiratory Independence Measure of Madonna (RIMM) was developed at Madonna and is a unique functional independence measurement tool that focuses specifically on respiratory function. It was developed to evaluate rehabilitation progress in patients with respiratory impairment including tracheostomy and ventilator dependency secondary to acute or chronic respiratory failure. The tool is modeled after the FIM so it can be used along with the FIM and is easily understandable for rehabilitation professionals as both tools are designed from the same conceptual framework and measurement scale. NALTH (the National Association of Long Term Acute Care Hospitals) presented Madonna with the Goldberg Innovation Award for its work developing the RIMM. The Goldberg Innovation Award is given to a facility that presents an innovative process or technology that will help to move the industry forward.

*FIM is a 7-point tool used by rehabilitation hospitals throughout the nation to assess a patient's function in 18 areas, including self-care, bowel and bladder function, transfers, locomotion, communication and cognition. Maximum score on FIM is 126.

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