Motor Speech Conference

Call for Papers General Information

We are trying something new this year with the call for papers. First, the submissions need to be saved as PDF (Word is fine for the title page document). If you do not have a way to convert your document to PDF, there are several free websites that will do it for you. Contact me for more information about this, if needed.

Secondly, all submissions need to be saved as three separate documents. The first is a title page which will include the following items. This document can be in Word format; it doesn't have to be converted to PDF. Please save this file in this format example: MSDHakelTitleParkinsons (where MSD would be the preferred track (or SMC), Hakel is the first author's last name, Title is just the word title, and Parkinsons would be one keyword for your paper).
* Title of the paper
* Track desired (MSD or SMC)
* Author names and contact information
* Preferred format (oral, paper, either)
* One objective (for CEU purposes)
* Disclosure forms (found on the main page - fill out any applicable pages and save with the title page)

The second file will be the abstract. Please place the title of paper centered at the top of the page with the author names centered below. Place the abstract below that with left margin alignment. Please save this file in the following example format: MSDHakelAbstractParkinsons (similar format to the title page, just identifying that it's the abstract).

The third file will be the main paper. Be sure to include the title of the paper, but do not include any identifying information such as author names. Save this file as MSDSocialPartSpeechImpPD (where SocialPartSpeechImpPD is actually three to four words of the title or abbreviated words to keep it from being too long).

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