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ReWalk™ - a robotic exoskeleton device

ReWalk™ - a robotic exoskeleton device

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital recently demonstrated a new motorized exoskeleton technology. The device is one of 12 in the nation and Madonna is considering adding this cutting-edge technology to it's services.

For individuals with spinal cord injury, being unable to walk is only part of the challenge. Serious problems with urinary, respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems are common, as well as osteoporosis, pressure sores and other afflictions.

ReWalk™ is a robotic exoskeleton device where the user is actively involved and has control of all mobility functions. Walking is initiated through subtle changes in center of gravity while the motorized leg attachments provide propulsion. Mobility control comes naturally and intuitively, resulting in greater independence, as well as documented health and emotional benefits from being erect.

By maintaining users upright on a daily basis, and exercising even paralyzed limbs in the course of movement, ReWalk™ may alleviate many of the health-related problems associated with long-term wheelchair use. In addition to relieving suffering, this can have a real impact on cutting health care costs, and enabling both insurers and individuals to redirect funds to other avenues.

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