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Madonna patient achieves goal to walk on own

On Thursday, March 13, John Andrews fulfilled his dream to walk out of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital on his own after four months of inpatient rehabilitation. In November 2007, the media specialiist and filmmaker from Lincoln, Neb., was riding home on his bike when he had an accident that sent him over the handlebars and onto the street.

"I don't remember the fall," John said. "I woke up inside an MRI and asked them (the technicians) to pull me out and unstrap me. A doctor came into the room and explained that I wasn't strapped. That's how I found out I was paralyzed."

Considering the extent of his severe injuries, John has made a surprising recovery at Madonna, working hard in all forms of therapy and encouraging others along the way.

John and his family became part of the extended family at Madonna.

"I told my nurses, they're going to come in here on Friday and I'll be in my bed asking 'what's for breakfast?' I'm excited to leave, but I also don't want to leave. I've made so much progress," John said.

John is using his talents to create a documentary about his rehabilitation and his wife's battle with cancer.

"There were times I felt frustrated adn angry at all we've been through," John explained, "But we've also been truly blessed. Eventually, you see the big picture and what I've lost physically, I think I've gained mentally."

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