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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital staffing model

Response to inquiries about our LPN transition:

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is dedicated to the pursuit of excellence in health care. We are continually working to improve the patient experience and ensure high quality care delivery as cost effectively as possible.

Following the successful care models of many other hospitals, Madonna is transitioning from a Registered Nurse-Licensed Practical Nurse-Nurse Assistant (RN-LPN-NA) model of patient care to an RN/NA model. Many current LPNs will move to available LPN positions in our St. Jane de Chantal long term care facility. There are also non-clinical LPN positions available in other areas.

Additional RNs will be hired to support the new care model, resulting in no net change in FTEs.

Current LPNs have been notified of the position transitions and have up to a year to either move into an available LPN position in long term care, accept a different opening as a modified LPN or take advantage of Madonna's tuition reimbursement program to work toward an RN degree.

Madonna is providing human resources support for planning assistance. Many Madonna LPNs have been with the hospital for many years and every effort is being made to help the affected staff move into other positions within the hospital.

From: Molly Nance, director of strategic planning and marketing

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