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Glenn Korff estate provides $1.5 million to Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital for pediatric rehabilitation

Former Nebraskan Glenn Korff is leaving a legacy for improving children's lives through a generous gift of $1.5 million, donated from his estate after his passing on Aug. 27, 2013. Glenn was born in Hebron, Neb., and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He enjoyed a very successful career on Wall Street and, after other business ventures, retired in Boulder, Col.

Though he never married, Glenn was an advocate for children and supported several non-profit organizations related to children's services during his lifetime.

Glenn also was a loyal supporter of Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital. Just after Christmas in 2000, Glenn father, lumberyard owner Paul Korff, suffered a massive stroke at his home in Hebron. He was admitted to Madonna in January of 2001. At the time Paul was admitted to Madonna, Glenn related to staff that he was certain that, “God sent us to Madonna.” Over the weeks that Paul was a patient, Glenn and his brother Ken never left their father’s bedside, playing music for him and caring for him. After his father’s death, Glenn and Ken established the Paul W. and Esther L. Korff Endowment Fund to support the areas of greatest need at Madonna into the future.

Glenn's own health declined this year and about a month before he died, he reached out to the Madonna Foundation and asked how he could help. From that conversation, he laid the plans in his estate to give the Madonna Foundation $1.5 million upon his death. One million dollars will create the “Glenn Korff Pediatric Legacy Fund” to sustain the pediatric programming in the Alexis Verzal Children’s Rehabilitation Hospital, funded by a $1.2 million gift from Dan and Cara Whitney and the Git-R-Done Foundation, and the newly-built “St. Cecilia’s Outpatient Pavilion” donated by Sandhills Publishing. The remaining $500,000 will serve as additional funding for the already established “Paul W. and Esther L. Korff Endowment Fund,” named for his parents, which provides funds to the area of greatest need.

Annual payouts from the Glenn Korff Pediatric Legacy Fund will provide support for the following pediatric programs:

• Katherine Anne “Kit” Scott Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) In 1999, Madonna launched the Katherine Anne “Kit” Scott Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC), the only on-site, classroom-based hospital program of its kind in the region. The TLC helps student patients maintain and, if necessary, re-learn academic work; learn new study skills and coping strategies; and work with parents and schools to provide the necessary services and support to make a student’s transition back to school as successful as possible. TLC services are offered at no cost to patients. Because it is educational in nature, medical insurance does not cover the cost of patient sessions in TLC and education funds are not available because the services are provided in a medical setting.

• Pediatric Equipment Fund Madonna is home to pediatric equipment not found elsewhere in the region, including the N-Trainer, which is an electronic pacifier that helps babies and children who have had a stroke or traumatic brain injury relearn the important suck and swallow reflex. Madonna is one of the only facilities in the country to have a dedicated pediatric Lokomat which is a robotic gait trainer that uses a treadmill and robotic leg attachments to help children relearn how to walk following injury or illness. Madonna also uses sensory therapy in its Snoezelen Therapy Room – a concept that is popular in Europe and helps isolate each sense and reawaken the brain following traumatic brain injury. This fund helps Madonna stay on the cutting edge of new technology to help children regain their lives.

• Other Pediatric Support: Madonna has several pediatric funds that support the work of inpatient and outpatient therapy teams in working with children and their families. These include:
• Pediatric Enhancement Fund – This fund extends pediatric inpatient and outpatient therapy through the purchase of software, parent/caregiver education, toys, and field trips/outings.
• Pediatric Incentive Fund – This fund is a small prize fund that allows therapists to work with pediatric patients on a plan to achieve something meaningful to them as they progress through required therapies.
• Pediatric Patient & Family Activities Fund -- This support activities such as holiday parties, special events, theme days, craft nights, and special guests. These funds support the ongoing needs of therapists and caregivers in helping children and teens achieve their therapy goals and creating the best outcomes possible.

"This amazing and generous gift will allow Madonna to grow its leadership as a national facility for specialized pediatric rehabilitation," said Marsha Lommel, president and CEO. "Glenn's caring heart will ensure that children recovering from disabling injuries or illness will achieve the very best possible outcomes for years into the future."

According to his attorney and friends, Glenn had hoped to make this gift during his lifetime, but he simply ran out of time. Madonna has lost a longtime friend in Glenn, but his deep concern for children will be sustained through his special legacy gift.

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