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Brennan Pogue: back in the game of life after concussion

Brennan Pogue: back in the game of life after concussion

Brennan Pogue has a passion for football. But the game he loves nearly took his life. In September 2013, Brennan had a full schedule playing linebacker for Papillion South High School’s reserve, junior varsity and varsity teams. Whew – that’s a lot of football!

Impacts from major hits led to classic concussion symptoms of chronic headaches and nausea. Brennan took a six month hiatus from sports. As the honor student’s grades dropped, depression set in. At his lowest point, the 17-year-old contemplated suicide. His strong faith pulled him through. “God kept me on the right path,” said Brennan, but he continued to suffer.

More than a year later, Brennan found relief after being diagnosed through Madonna’s mild traumatic brain injury assessment clinic. Following weeks of therapy, Brennan could focus, comprehend and his headaches disappeared. Most importantly, his positivity returned.

“Madonna changed my life,” said Brennan, now a student manager for the Titans. Brennan’s mother, Janet, (pictured with Brennan) said it scares her to think of any other outcome for her son. “We hope to educate others on concussion. People need to do the right thing and know Madonna is here to help.”

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