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Celia Faith:10-year-old stroke survivor and fashionista

Celia Faith:10-year-old stroke survivor and fashionista

Meet Celia Faith. The 10-year-old fashionista stands out in the crowded therapy gym. We ask what brings her to Madonna. “Stroke,” replies the fourth-grader from Lincoln, Nebraska. Our eyes widen. Stroke can happen at any age, but wow, that's young! Celia nods her head. “Yep, stroke.”

In August 2014, Celia suffered a brain AVM, an abnormal tangle of arteries and veins that grew in her brain. They are the leading cause of strokes in children. Celia’s AVM bled and triggered a stroke that damaged the left side of her body.

After two months of inpatient therapy in Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Hospital, Celia's working hard in the outpatient rehabilitation program. She's flexing her muscles and impressing her therapists with her progress on the Armeo®Spring. Mounted on a trolley for quick and easy positioning, the Armeo®Spring offers various self-initiated repetitive therapies to increase the patient’s range of motion and selective control. A survivor. Bravo to our courageous young friend, Celia!

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