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Young Missourian rebounds from stroke and amputation

Young Missourian rebounds from stroke and amputation

Strong. Determined. Remarkable. Those are the three words Cate Squires uses to describe herself. The 24-year-old of Kansas City, Missouri, survived a traumatic left leg amputation and a bilateral stroke after a car accident last spring.

Three weeks after emerging from a coma at North Kansas City Hospital, a fragile Cate arrive at Madonna, unable to breathe or eat independently. Progress came in small doses, but every step was celebrated. “The first day Cate stood up, cheers erupted in the therapy gym. It was the boost Cate needed to start rocking her therapy!” said Erin Engleman, occupational therapist.

Through a rigorous therapy program and the support of her family, a determined Cate met all her goals and returned home for the holidays. “I went through a lot of emotions in my six months at Madonna, but I accomplished so much,” said Cate.

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