What: Omaha business and community leaders want healthcare facilities to work with each other to develop efficient service delivery and reduce the duplication of programs that escalate costs. Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital, working in collaboration with the Omaha medical community, is bringing state-of-the-art post-acute rehabilitation to the metro area.

Why: An independent environmental assessment shows unmet need for post-acute rehabilitation in Omaha. To support Omaha's goal of becoming a regional referral center for the most sophisticated and innovative healthcare, the city needs a premier post-acute care rehabilitation hospital and research center.

Who: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is recognized by the rehabilitation industry as one of the most innovative, comprehensive facilities in the nation for brain injury, spinal cord injury, stroke and pediatric rehabilitation programs. It is one of the largest independent rehabilitation hospitals in the country and admitted patients from 47 different states and every county in Nebraska the last five years. It has the support of trauma centers throughout the region. Madonna is advancing the field of rehabilitation through new research and technology developed by its Research Institute.

How: To meet the vision for a world-class rehabilitation hospital in Omaha, Madonna is proposing an 110-bed, state-of-the-art facility with all levels of care under a single roof: long term care hospital, acute rehabilitation, pediatric rehabilitation and skilled nursing.

Where: Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital’s Omaha Campus will be located on 20.1 acres of land just west of Village Pointe on 175 Plaza and Burke Street.

When: Madonna is in the early stages of planning and fundraising for the Omaha project. As projections are met, the project will proceed with an anticipated opening date in the last half of 2016.

What Does This Mean To Omaha
The Omaha market will enjoy an economic impact of $104 million dollars during the construction phase of the 250,000 square foot hospital at a cost of $70 million and a total project cost of $93 million. Construction is estimated to take two years. The project will create an estimated 450 jobs, 250 of which are construction jobs.

Operationally, the 110 bed hospital projects annual revenue of $45 million dollars, creating an economic impact of more than $86 million. Once the hospital is operational, it will create 820 jobs, with cumulative annual wages of $22 million. These jobs will create an additional 400 jobs for affiliated products and services.
Finally, there will be identifiable long term health care cost reduction.

Northwestern National Life Insurance Company estimates that for every $1 spent on medical rehabilitation, $37 is saved in future treatment in cases of brain injury. Compared to skilled nursing facilities, inpatient rehabilitation hospitals have shorter patient lengths of stay (13 days vs. 34 days) and greater return to community rates (81% vs. 45% of orthopedic patients).

Madonna is a trusted and valued leader throughout the nation among referring hospitals. The hospital President and CEO Marsha Lommel is the former chair of the board of the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association and has worked closely with national delegates and federal agencies to foster a better understanding of rehabilitation and preserve access to care for the thousands of patients who need these vital services every year.

Staff members at Madonna are nationally known for their expertise, treatment guidelines and clinical protocols. Madonna’s patients are more complex (top 4% of the nation in terms of complexity) and yet at discharge, possess one of the highest rankings for patient functional abilities (at the top 7% nationally).

Rehabilitation isn't just about treating the disease, illness, or injury. It’s about enabling individuals to become productive participants in their communities and to fully participate in all their life roles. Comprehensive rehabilitation includes a closely coordinated approach that encompasses all aspects of the care and services provided to an individual.

Madonna uses specialized teams of highly trained clinicians to provide an integrated approach to rehabilitation in each of our programs.

Madonna's patient outcomes consistently exceed regional and national benchmarks.

Madonna's Research Institute is developing new technology and best practices that are shaping the future of rehabilitation.

This is an exciting and historic opportunity to enhance Omaha’s standing as a prestigious and preferred health care destination.

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