Wellness Services

On-Site Health Screenings

Health screenings are an effective way of educating employees about their current health. They provide the company with an aggregate analysis of the health status of their employee population. Madonna Fit for Work provides a comprehensive approach to the health screening process that includes providing critical health information and education to help guide employees in making healthier lifestyle choices.

Comprehensive Blood Profiles: These profiles provide employees with personal health information and can be a tool for early detection of medical conditions before symptoms have developed.

Biometric Measures: This offers additional information for employees about their health status, including height, weight, body mass index (BMI), body fat percentage, waist girth and blood pressure.

On-site Education Session: After the health screening, our wellness specialist provides an education session for employees and distributes their individual wellness packets. The session is designed to help employees understand their current health status, personal risk factors and provide guidance in developing their individual wellness goals.

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