TherapyPlus participates with most major insurance plans, including Medicare. Please click on the insurance link above to view all plans with which we participate. It is your responsibility to pay any deductibles, co-payments, or co-insurance. In addition, you are also financially responsible for any services that are not covered by your particular health insurance plan. You are strongly urged to check with your insurance provider regarding specific therapy benefits prior to your initial visit. If your plan does include a co-payment for therapy services, we will collect your co-payment prior to each visit.

Many insurance plans require a referral/order for therapy from your primary medical physician. If your insurance carrier is one that requires a physician referral, we ask that you contact your physician prior to your initial therapy visit to ensure full insurance benefit.

If your health insurance information is not listed as one of our accepted insurance plans, we will work with your insurance provider to negotiate a single-case agreement. It will be your responsibility pay for any remaining amount due for your therapy.

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