Payment Information/Financial Assistance

Are you covered by Medicare, private insurance or are you without insurance?

Standard Medicare

Madonna's Acute Rehabilitation and Long Term Acute Care hospital stays are covered by Medicare and are included in the hospital benefit period. Medicare's benefit period is determined by the first day of a hospital stay, and ends when the beneficiary has not received hospital care for 60 days in a row. The benefit period also applies to skilled nursing facility services. As part of the Medicare part A hospital coverage there are deductibles and coinsurance that may apply and are the responsibility of the patient. The following is an example of one episode of care which may have started in the Acute Care setting and continued through the hospital inpatient rehabilitation settings at Madonna. The following table is for 2007:

  • Day 0-60 . . . . . .Deductible of $992 applies
  • Day 61-90 . . . . Coinsurance of $248 per day applies
  • Day 91-150 . . . Coinsurance of $496 per day applies (lifetime reserve days)
  • Day 151+ . . . . . No coverage; will either be self pay or supplemental insurance if

Skilled Nursing Facility

  • Day 21-100 . . . . Coinsurance of $124 per day applies

Please see your Medicare handbook, or CMS's website for complete details.

In 2006 Medicare paid approximately 98% of the amount due Madonna for the inpatient rehabilitation services, and approximately 94% of the amount due Madonna for Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH) services. On average the patient responsibility for the amount due Madonna were 2% and 6% respectively for inpatient rehabilitation, and LTACH services.

Private Insurance

Madonna has contracted with a wide range of insurance providers and networks (link to Admissions-Referrals/Insurance). However, it is still a good idea to verify coverage with your insurance. It is also helpful to review health benefit coverage with your human resource department and refer to your employee handbook for possible benefit exclusion.

Generally, private insurance will have a patient deductible that typically ranges from $0 to $5,000, and an in-network coinsurance percentage, and an out-of-network percentage which may range from 60% to 90% up to the out-of-pocket maximum. These are typically for a one year period. It may also be important to know the maximum total benefit for which the patient is eligible. The patients payment may be impacted by the specific insurance plan and the timely billing by all providers.

Similar to Medicare, in 2006 the private insurance companies paid approximately 98% of the amount due Madonna for inpatient rehabilitation services, and approximately 94% of the amount due Madonna for LTACH services. On average the patients were responsible for 2% of inpatient rehabilitation amount due Madonna, and 6% due Madonna for LTACH services.

If you have further questions please feel contact your Madonna case manager or call our Admissions department at 402/483-8260 or our main line at 1-800-676-5448.


Madonna is a not-for-profit rehabilitation hospital which mission is to serve the community needs. To meet this need, Madonna provides financial assistance to help to cover the cost of the services for those who are income qualified.

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