The Alexis Verzal Children's Rehabilitation Hospital's pediatric Lokomat is one of 12 in the country.

Lokomat® robotic gait device — Madonna is the only hospital in the region with this specialized equipment that can help some young children and teens with mobility limitations improve the strength and coordination needed to regain walking ability.

Snoezelen sensory room — Children who have sustained a traumatic brain injury recover differently from adults. The Snoezelen sensory room helps “wake up” the child’s injured brain with specially designed devices, such as lighted therapy toys, and other therapeutic items with special textures and sounds.

Pediatric Therapy Gym — Separate gym areas and therapeutic equipment are designed to meet each child’s specific rehabilitation needs.

Feeding and Swallowing — Speech language pathologists and occupational therapists use positioning techniques, exercises, oral motor strategies, varied food consistencies and specialized utensils to develop safe feeding and swallowing skills.

Ventilator-dependent Services — Madonna is one of the only hospitals in the region with specialized services for young people who are ventilator-dependent. In many cases, Madonna’s respiratory therapists are able to help wean young people from ventilator use completely or for part of the day.

Warm Water Therapy Pool — Madonna’s warm water therapy pool is a big hit with kids and teens. Physical and occupational therapy staff, trained in aquatic rehabilitation techniques, use water-based therapy to promote mobility, build strength and coordination to accelerate recovery.

Tech Tools Toys Lending Library — This unique library offers adaptive toys and devices for children with developmental and physical disabilities and decreases physical and social barriers. Learn more about our Tech Tools Toy Leanding Library. 

Specialty Car Seats — Madonna allows families to check out specialty car seats, car beds or harnesses, free of charge, on a provisional basis.

Sports and Recreation — Offering clinics, sports leagues and team competition, this program enhances life participation through sports and recreation.

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