Success Stories

  • Jadon Adams, Beloit, Kansas
    Prayers for Jadon anserwed

  • Erika Burritt, Osceola, Nebraska
    Teen fights back from rare spinal cord disorder

  • Adam Carpenter-Dolce, Omaha, Nebraska
    Teenager breathing easier

  • Dani Cota, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Future is shining bright after stroke

  • Molly Felker, Omaha, Nebraska
    Omaha toddler rebounds a year after tragic choking accident

  • Chase Junck, Randolph, Nebraska
    Nebraska toddler regains strength and spirit following injuries at day care

  • Seth Lange, Fullerton, Nebraska
    Young player tackles rare spinal cord disorder

  • Jeromie Meyer, Woodbine, Iowa
    Jeromie Meyer: the stuff of which champions are made of

  • Signe Morrow, Lincoln, Nebraska
    Small steps to recovery

  • Kelsay Parrot, Cherokee, Iowa
    Pediatric burn patient bounces back

  • Rylee Robinson, Topeka, KS
    Young Kansan steps out in style with her new prosthetic leg

  • Gabi Schopperth, San Antonio, Texas
    Four year old battles back from stroke

  • Daleney Teske, Carroll, Iowa
    "Little Miss You Can Do It" steps to independence with Bioness technology

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