Program Description

Key components of Madonna's Orthopedic Program include:

Environment: Madonna's environment affords individuals with orthopedic conditions many opportunities to interact and support one another, whether it is in the spacious gym area during therapy, sharing a meal in the congregate dining area, or participating in a leisure activity outside in one of many garden areas. Madonna is the only facility in the region to have a simulated community, called Independence Square, where patients may practice real life tasks such as grocery shopping, banking, climbing up and down from a riding lawn mower, truck, or car. A teaching kitchen with a variety of adaptive equipment is available for patients to learn how to prepare simple meals in preparation for returning home.

On the outpatient side, patients may select from multiple TherapyPlus locations, depending upon their individual needs and preferences. The Main Campus site has many specialty services and specialized equipment available for those with more comprehensive needs, while the northwest location offers a smaller, more personal and private atmosphere. Our ProActive TherapyPlus, located inside the medical fitness center, provides access to the whole fitness center equipment, space, and aquatics.

Medical care: Each patient's care is directed by a physician who specializes in physiatry (physical medicine and rehabilitation) and/or a physician with specialization in internal medicine. For individuals who are 18 years or younger, a pediatrician is involved in their care on a daily basis. Rehabilitation nursing staff are specially trained in providing care for patients with orthopedic conditions and several nurses have specialty training as a Certified Rehabilitation Registered Nurse

Rehabilitation: Madonna has a dedicated team of professionals who have completed special competency training in treatment of persons with orthopedic conditions. Each individual's treatment team is made up of physical, occupational, and recreational therapists, social worker, rehabilitation nurse, and case manager as well as staff from neuropsychology or rehabilitation psychology, respiratory therapy or speech therapy as appropriate. They work together with the patient and their family/caretaker to meet the unique physical, cognitive, social and emotional needs of the patient. Use of technology the Body Weight Support Treadmill, Bioness functional electrical stimulation, environmental control units, and custom seating and mobility systems are integrated into the treatment program throughout the continuum of care

Specialty Staff: Madonna has several therapists who have completed training in manual therapy, splinting and casting, aquatics, and a physical therapist who is a certified as an Orthopaedic Specialist through the American Physical Therapy Association.

Community Re-Entry: Rehabilitation does not stop when the patient gains basic skills of self-care and mobility. Participation in a variety of adaptive sports and recreational outings can be integrated into therapy or just for fun. Patients may also work on specific goals related to return to driving, school re-entry, or visit with a vocational rehabilitation counselor about work re-entry.

Long term Success: Madonna offers many ways to help individuals with orthopedic conditions and their family members continue to improve and maintain their functional gains, therefore maximizing their participation throughout the rest of their life. Some ways we do this are:

  • It is important for individuals completing their rehabilitation to stay active and exercise safely. Learning how and what to do in a community based fitness environment, with trained staff and specially adapted equipment available promotes success.

  • This service is offered on inpatient or outpatient basis. Identifying barriers in the home environment early on gives therapists an opportunity to address these issues through therapy or with recommendations for architectural changes or adaptive equipment. Often very inexpensive changes can result in a person’s ability to remain in their own home.

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