Who We Serve

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital serves a large volume of children, adolescents and adults who have sustained a brain injury. As a result, patients with this diagnosis are treated by a dedicated team of professionals who have training in brain injury. In addition, patients and their family members are provided with multiple opportunities to interact with others who have experienced a similar injury but are at various stages of recovery.

Madonna’s Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program is designed to meet the needs of persons with both traumatic and non-traumatic brain injury. Examples of non-traumatic brain injury include brain tumor, brain hemorrhage or encephalitis, such as that caused by West Nile Virus. 74% of patients with brain injury served by Madonna last year had traumatic injuries.

During its most recent fiscal year ending June 30, 2014, Madonna served a total of 631 individuals with brain injury.

Of them, 212 were served on the Acute Rehabilitation Hospital (AR)

  • 58 patients with either primary or secondary diagnosis of brain injury were served on the Long Term Acute Care Hospital (LTACH)
  • 6 patients were served on the Transitional Care Unit (TCU)
  • 355 were served in Outpatient and Rehabilitation Day Program

Many patients received services as part of the Comprehensive Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Assessment and treatment, while others received single-service treatment or were seen in the Brain Injury Clinic.


  • Level of Injury: Madonna’s multiple levels of care means that we can care for patients with a wide range of severity. We may be able to serve patients who are as low as Level II on the RANCHO Scale or as high as those with concussion or classified with a mild traumatic brain injury.

  • Ages: Madonna serves people of all ages with brain injury. Brain injury does affect a large number of younger people. In fact, last fiscal year 31% of inpatients with brain injury were under the age of 30 years old and 36 patients with brain injury (15%) were 18 years old or younger.

Age of Persons Served Percentage
0-5 years old 7%
6-18 years old 8%
19-29 years old 16%
30-55 years old 33%

55+years old 36%
  • Geographic Area: Madonna serves people from a wide region of the Midwest and across the country. Although a majority of inpatient patients live in Nebraska, last year we served 71 patients with brain injury where from out of state, including Iowa (36), Kansas (44), Missouri (30), South Dakota (5), and Oklahoma (1).

To assist our patients from out of town, Madonna offers affordable on-campus housing.

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