Specializing in multiple levels of care enhances a better more independent lifestyle

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is accredited by CARF, the Rehabilitation Accreditation Commission as a Comprehensive Integrated Inpatient Rehabilitation Program with specialty accreditation in Brain Injury, Spinal Cord System of Care, Stroke Specialty and Pediatric Specialty Programs.

Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital is unique in that it offers a broad continuum of care with multiple levels of care and a multitude of specialty programs and services. Click on any of the care categories on the left to learn more about each level of care.

Each level of care is designed with the same ultimate goal: return the person served to the most independent lifestyle possible, enabling them to do the things that are most important to them personally. To accomplish this goal, some individuals may experience only one level while many others may move smoothly from one level to another. Some of the key differences between levels of care are shown in the table below:

Level of Care
Focus of Care
Average Therapy
Physician Visits
Average Length of Stay
Long Term Acute Care Hospital
Medical with some rehabilitation
0 to 2+ hours
Daily Internal Medicine, Physiatry as needed
29 days
Acute Rehabilitation Hospital
Intensive interdisciplinary rehabilitation
3+ hours
Daily Physiatry, Internal Medicine as needed
31 days
Transitional Care Unit
Skilled Nursing
Less intensive medical and/or rehabilitation
0-2+ hours
On admission and discharge, in between as medically necessary
17 days
Rehabilitation Day Program (Day Hospital)
Intensive, interdisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation
3-5 hours per day, 3-5 days per week
Physiatry OP visit can be arranged if needed
20 days
Transitional Living Program
Skilled Nursing & Outpatient
Intensive, interdisciplinary outpatient rehabilitation; community re-entry; independent living training
6+ hours per day, 5 days a week
Physiatry OP visit can be arranged if needed
35 days
TherapyPlus Outpatient Clinics
Single or Multiple discipline outpatient rehabilitation
1-3 times per week
15 visits
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