Inpatient Outcomes

Acute Rehabilitation Inpatient Outcomes

Inpatient outcomes on AR are compared with national acute rehabilitation benchmarks compiled by the American Medical Rehabilitation Providers Association (AMRPA) database called erehabdata.

Average Age of Individuals Served:

  • The average age was 43 years old.

Average Length of Stay:

  • 55 days for tetraplegia
  • 45 days for paraplegia

Discharge Home:

  • Most people were able to return to a community setting after their inpatient rehabilitation stay. 57.8% of patients returned home from acute rehab while others transferred to a lower level of care to complete their program prior to returning to a community setting.


  • 17 individuals with SCI transferred to acute care hospitals. Most were able to return to Madonna and complete their program.

Patient Satisfaction:

  • 96.8% of patients rated their experience as "Excellent or Good."
  • 94.4% agreed they would recommend Madonna's SCI Rehabilitation Program to their family and friends.

Gains Maintained 6-12 Months Post Discharge:

  • 97% gained or maintained function.
  • 45% were driving or independently managing public transportation.

Rehospitalization 6-12 Months Post Discharge:

  • 26% planned and unplanned rehospitalization.