Outpatient Outcomes

  • 109 individuals were served in Madonna’s SCI Rehabilitation Program for outpatients.
  • Individuals with spinal cord injury attended the outpatient SCI Rehabilitation Day Program for an average of 24.3 days.
  • Spinal Cord Injury Outpatient Fast FAQs

Goals Achieved:

  • While individual results vary, last year, most individuals with spinal cord injury were functioning at an independent level, with or without adaptive equipment, when they discharged.

Functional Gain:

  • FAM gain in RDP 10.8 or 186 of 210 (modified independent) at discharge
  • FAM gain in OP 2.6 or 43.8 of 56 (modified independent)

Patient Satisfaction:

  • 100% of patients with SCI rated their overall experience as “Excellent or Good.”.
  • 100% agreed they would recommend Madonna’s outpatient program to family and friends.