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The LifeBalance programs have been developed using a holistic model. They combine all aspects of a person's wellbeing including social, emotional, spiritual and intellectual health as well as physical health.

With LifeBalance programs, you will receive medical expertise in a supportive environment provided by a team who will work together to help you succeed.

Get to know the LifeBalance team:

  • Sharon Duffy, Registered Nurse and Wellness Expert
  • Jerry Reed, Medical Doctor
  • Monica Vandergriend, Registered Nurse
  • Sheryl Pflug, Registered Nurse
  • Lisa Graff, Registered Dietitian

LifeBalance for Heart

  • What is Madonna ProActive LifeBalance for Heart?

    LifeBalance for Heart is a cardiac rehabilitation program designed to help you recover after heart surgery or possibly prevent the need for heart surgery. You will receive an individualized health assessment conducted by a cardiac nurse. Once the assessment is complete, our expert team will work with you to establish an individualized program to help you to meet your fitness and health-related goals.

    Because we believe you are an integral part of the goal-setting process, you are an active member of your LifeBalance for Heart team, which includes a cardiac nurse, exercise physiologist, health psychologist, registered dietician and relaxation specialist.

    To meet your goals, we will use approaches found in traditional cardiac programs such as monitored exercise, progressive activity and education. We will complement these traditional approaches with unique techniques including cardiac or chair-based yoga, guided imagery, relaxation techniques, massage, Ai Chi and heart-healthy cooking. We encourage you to select topics from each of our major educational categories: cardiac risk factor modification (to include smoking cessation), nutritional counseling, prescribed exercise and holistic health counseling, that interest you.

  • Ever felt uncomfortable in a traditional fitness environment?

    The cardiac team exercise physiologist will provide you with a step-by-step introduction to ProActive's exercise equipment. You will also be taught how to monitor your exercise during your workout and follow through on your program. You will begin LifeBalance for Heart under close supervision of the staff using heart monitors. This supervision will decrease as your health improves and you gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence to advance your exercise. Our goals is to help you become an independent member of ProActive within three to five months. ProActive offers a variety of exercise equipment for all fitness levels.

    Whether you are looking to relax after the stress of surgery or you struggle with arthritis pain, the team at Madonna ProActive can provide you with the right environment, equipment and education to help you succeed.

  • How is LifeBalance for Heart different from other programs?

    The real difference in our program is the integration of traditional and holistic approaches to a program that is individualized just for you. We recognize you as the driving force in choosing key areas that will impact your health.

    Because we limit class size, you will have optimal personal attention to address your individual needs. This ratio is ideal for both your monitored exercise, as well as your risk factor education. We understand that accepting your diagnosis and making lifestyle changes isn't easy. We will work one-on-one with you to set goals and provide the support you need to stay on track.

  • Does Insurance cover LifeBalance for Heart?

    LifeBalance for Heart is a Medicare-approved program that covers a variety of diagnoses including myocardial infarction (heart attack), open-heart bypass surgery, heart valve surgery and coronary stent placement. The program will be covered by most private health insurance plans with a physician referral.

    For more information, call Madonna ProActive at (402) 413-3557.

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