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Arthritis Classes

Easing arthritis pain
"Take Control with Knowledge" is a six-week self-help program developed by the Arthritis Foundation. It was created to give people with arthritis and related conditions the knowledge they need to take control of their health. This program has been shown to significantly reduce arthritis pain while improving self-management behaviors. With less pain, people with arthritis may be able to reduce their reliance on pain medication.

Learning to say "know"
Through engaging group discussion and easy-to-understand course materials, you will learn the basics of joint anatomy and joint protection, the importance of exercise and nutrition, how to take medications properly and communicate better with your doctor. You will also learn about self-help devices that can enhance daily activities. The informal, small group setting allows you to seek answers to the questions of most concern to you. In each class, you will receive tips and techniques that can be used right away to better manage the condition.

For more information about this program, contact Sharon Duffy at (402) 413-3556.

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