LifeGuide for Adaptive Training

Adaptive Training Wheelchair

Because of this group, individuals of all physical capabilities have the ability to engage in a meaningful fitness program. Members of this group receive special training by an exercise physiologist regarding adaptive equipment available at ProActive. Additionally, physical and occupational therapists are available on a consultative basis to assist in developing programming for clients with unique needs.

Collaborative work between fitness trainers and clinicians at ProActive and researchers in Madonna's Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering aims to breakdown the barriers that clients face when trying to exercise on traditional equipment. Adapted equipment emerging from this research is available for use at Madonna ProActive.

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Adaptive Equipment

Madonna ProActive offers a large variety of adaptive equipment designed to allow all members to participate in a safe and appropriate workout. The specially adapted equipment is appropriate for individuals with a wide range of workout levels and abilities.

Specialized equipment is valuable for members who have physical limitations that may make it more difficult to use fitness equipment including those with diabetes, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, spinal cord injuries or those who have suffered a stroke. In addition, individuals who have other conditions that may limit their mobility or workout will benefit from the adaptive equipment. The specialized design of this aerobic and strength training equipment ensures a complete, comfortable and safe workout.

The LifeGuide Groups are open to all Madonna ProActive members for no additional charge and provide individuals with the support and guidance they may need in order to find their own personal wellness success.

For more information, call Madonna ProActive at (402) 420-0000.

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