A newsletter is produced each month and serves as an extra source of information for Madonna ProActive members. The newsletter is a great way to learn about new classes, programs and up coming events. Don't forget to check out the "Club Buzz" column in the newsletter for helpful tips and reminders.

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July 2014 Issue

  • Angel Wings are a donation to the Madonna Foundation in honor of a Madonna employee or volunteer. Congratulations to Lisa Simmons for receiving Angel Wings for going above and beyond to help one of our ProActive guests.

  • After graduating from high school in May of 2013, member Trevaughn Wilken started exercising daily at ProActive. "I wanted to get healthier,” said Tre. At 380 lbs., he realized he had to start to take care of himself and began making better choices with his life. He started playing basketball and lifting weights, and has not looked back since.

  • Outdoor Pool Party

    Date: Friday, July 18
    Time: 4:30-6:30 p.m.

    It's time for our annual member pool party! Enjoy treats and games poolside. Bring the kids for fun and laughter with Happy D Klown!

    Normal guest fees apply for non-members.

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