What is Madonna ProActive Sports Performance?

Madonna ProActive Sports Performance (formerly Nebraska Sports Acceleration) is a licensed training center of the Athletic Republic that has been training athletes in the greater Lincoln area for the past 20 years.  

If you want to train to get better for your sport, Madonna ProActive Sports Performance is your answer. Madonna ProActive Sports Performance is not a place to simply work out; it is a place to become a better athlete. Madonna ProActive Sports Performance is the premier destination for intense, individualized, sport-specific training. 

What is the test-teach-train philosophy?

The foundation of our success comes through our test-teach-train approach to athlete development. We provide athletes with the answers to becoming a faster, quicker and more intelligent competitor. We test athletes to determine a performance baseline and identify areas where they can create separation from their peers. We teach athletes the same methods used by many of today’s top professional and Olympic athletes to improve sport and position specific movement skills. What does this mean? We teach athletes what they need to do to get better. How to move better - the foundation of improving athleticism. How to train smarter - learning to listen to their body, push limits safely and to incorporate sound nutrition to fuel performance and recovery. Essentially, we help athletes improve their training IQ. Then we train using scientifically-proven programs featuring our patented technology and individualized training protocols administered by our certified trainers to give every athlete the ultimate performance sports training experience.


What makes Madonna ProActive Sports Performance better than other training centers?

Our training programs are unique; there are no equivalent programs in the world. Our programs are designed to take the athlete just beyond his/her ground based training limitations so the brain learns to send stronger, more precise signals to the muscles. This is the essence of neuromuscular training and we have pioneered its development through 25 years of research and commitment to sport science principles. We hold six patents and 4,000+ pages of proprietary speed and skill-specific training protocols that meet the demands of every sport and athlete.  Our training programs create faster, stronger, more explosive athletes who are able to play at game speed for longer and with fewer injuries.  Our performance improvements are documented and proven. 

How do you train athletes?

We train athletes to improve their movement skills, specifically speed, power and agility, through training programs we’ve developed based on years of research into how the body responds to particular stresses. Workouts are closely monitored and delivered in small groups with a 1:5 trainer-to-athlete ratio.

Why is the program so long?

Humans learn and perfect skills over time. Generally, it takes about 4 weeks to learn the skill (or develop the neuromuscular coordination patterns) and at 6 weeks the skill becomes a permanent motor program (engram) that allows it to be executed as effectively as possible.

Will it work for me / my athlete?

Our training programs have worked for over 1 million athletes, from the peewees to the pros, novice to varsity. The Athletic Republic training programs have documented average performance improvements of 0.25 seconds in 40 yard-dash time; 2.5” of vertical jump height; 50% improvement in rate of recovery; 20% gain in leg strength; and 33% advancement in foot speed. 

How much does it cost?

Developing scientifically valid training protocols and patented, proprietary equipment requires years of work and significant investment—you get what you pay for. Our hourly rate compares well to other services like personal training or private lessons. We stress results and provide our athletes with the technology, training and expertise that have only been available for professional and Olympic athletes in the past. Because we test at the beginning of the training program and then test again at the end, you will see the results. For detailed information on our pricing visit our Training Options page.

Who uses the program?

More than 2,500 professional and Olympic athletes have trained with Athletic Republic training centers including:

And for every one of the stars, there are thousands of middle school, high school and collegiate athletes who use the same equipment and follow the same training protocols.

Can I still go to sports camps and/or participate in my team’s offseason program?

Yes. Our programs focus on building speed, strength, quickness, jumping ability and overall conditioning. Camps provide athletes with specific skills related to a particular sport. Our programs will make you a better athlete and get you ready for your sport-specific camp. If an athlete is expected to complete an off-season training program our certified trainers can adapt our programs to prevent overtraining and maximize movement abilities while still completing their other training obligations.

After I am done with the program, do I have to continue to train? How long will the results last?

Our programs are designed to be completed in the offseason prior to the athlete’s sport season. If an athlete has more than two weeks before the end of their program and their sport season we encourage them to either continue on to another level of training or complete a once weekly maintenance program to ensure that they maintain their level of performance and conditioning. As long as the athlete remains physically active at a competitive level there will be no decrease in athletic performance.

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