• What does Madonna ProActive Sports Performance do?

    We train athletes to be the best they can be, based upon their individual bodies, skill levels and interest. Our programs are custom-designed for your body type and your specific sport's physical demands to help you reach your full potential.

  • Who is Athletic Republic and what is Acceleration Training?

    Athletic Republic is the new name of Frappier Acceleration Sports Training. Madonna ProActive Sports Performance is one of 160 facilities (and growing!) nationwide and internationally. The pioneering programs and patented equipment used in Athletic Republic's training centers were developed over the preceding two decades by Athletic Republic President, John Frappier, M.S., Exercise Physiology, and our Chief Officer of Science and Technology, Steve Swanson, M.S., Biomechanics.

  • How do you train athletes?

    We train athletes to improve their movement skills, specifically speed, power and agility, through training programs we've developed based on years of research into how the body responds to particular stresses. We've helped develop the full potential of over 500,000 athletes to date, in closely monitored workouts consisting of 20 - 23 sessions taking place over 6 - 8 weeks.

  • What kind of equipment will I train on?

    Depends on your sport and your goals. Our training equipment includes the Generation II Super Treadmill, with incline capabilities up to 40 percent grade, speed capabilities up to 28 miles per hour, superior shock absorption and various handlebars to facilitate our training protocols. It'll train your anaerobic capabilities, so that you can sprint and recover faster.

    Our Plyo products -- both Plyo Press and Plyo Platform -- improve your power and agility during dynamic motions, like jumping, cutting or bounding, in a safe and effective environment. Our patented cord technology trains you in specific sport motions, increasing power and strength, and allowing you to kick, throw or hit faster and farther. The Pro Multi-Hip improves the strength of key muscles of the abdominals and hips -- important but often-overlooked muscles essential to high performance. The point is you train on custom-designed, patented equipment that provides real, measurable improvement.

  • Who's my trainer?

    Every one of the trainers at our facilities is educated in physiology and/or sport science, and they maintain regular tune-ups to stay current with advances in athlete training technology. They're your personal coach, on hand for your workouts, monitoring your progress and fine-tuning your program to tweak you to your personal best. We teach you to train smarter, not harder, keep you fit through your performance season and guide you through any necessary injury rehab and performance nutrition.

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