Training Programs

Pick your sport - hockey, football, baseball, volleyball, ski racing, basketball, rowing, cycling, wrestling, soccer, lacrosse, gymnastics, cross-country, golf, tennis, swimming, bobsledding, track and field -- any athletic performance -- it all begins here:

For two decades we've applied the science of sport in order to dramatically benefit athletes in training. Over that time we've tested, studied and perfected the programs we implement today. Through our research, and utilizing our patented training equipment and programs, we've learned how to develop competitive athletes. Quite simply, we have the athlete down to a science.

You Want

As an athlete, you want a competitive physical advantage. You want a proven program that provides the dynamic integration of speed, power and agility.

You Get

At Madonna ProActive Sports Performance we train you in 20 - 23 sessions over 6 - 8 weeks.

  • Train you before your performance season
  • Assess and address your particular weaknesses
  • Create a program for your improvement based on your particular build and skills
  • Improve your movement skills
  • Improve your conditioning and ability to recover
  • Manage your injury rehab to safely return to sport
  • Train your body to safely step beyond its physical boundaries

As a result, you:

  • Perform an athletic baseline test
  • Train with our patented programs and equipment
  • Learn our scientifically based training programs
  • Work with our certified performance trainers
  • Peak and recover, peak and recover to higher and higher levels of accomplishment
  • Improve your anaerobic or aerobic capabilities based on the demands of your chosen sport

Plus, you can sign up for a year-round program that considers the goals you and your coach have, to help you maintain speed, power and agility all the way to the championship.

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