Massage Services

The ultimate in relaxation from head to toe. Uses firm but gentle pressure to improve circulation, ease muscle aches and tension and improve flexibility and create relaxation.

Deep Tissue
Aimed at the deeper tissue structures of muscle and fascia (connective tissue). Uses many of the same movements and techniques as Swedish massage, but pressure will generally be more intense. Focused massage that works to release
chronic muscle tension or knots.

A mixture of Swedish and Deep Tissue. Uses an equal amount of time divided in three parts: relaxation, deep tissue, and stretching to help you feel rejuvenated.

Gentle kneading of scalp, neck, shoulders, followed by application of warm, moist towels. Accu-pressure facial massage. Combination of hydrotherapy and pressure point massage treatment. Performed while fully clothed.

Hot Stone
Deep penetrating heat from warmed basalt lava rocks. Instant soothing of aching muscles as heat from the stones encourages circulation, releasing tension while detoxification can take place.

A profoundly therapeutic and dynamic massage that combines stretches, muscle compression, and trigger points to more thoroughly release tension in deep muscle and connective tissue. Relax and feel more grounded and energized.

A unique form of neuromuscular re-patterning which works primarily through the nervous system on both the structure and energetic levels. Gentle and non-invasive, Bowenwork can be performed while fully clothed. Misalignments commonly correct themselves, Muscle tensions and strains are relieved, normal lymphatic flow is restored, fascia rehydrates, adhesions release and scar tissue softens, while meridians show immediate improvements and the mind is opened up for clearer, deeper thought.

Massage therapists will work to stimulate your lymphatic system, increasing immunity and the removal of excess toxins, while also stabilizing hormonal levels and balancing the glandular system. For women in their second trimester through delivery.

Additional Services

Body Wraps
Bring nutrients and oxygen to the outer layer of the skin. Begins with exfoliation through dry brushing. Once product is on, skin is wrapped for 30 minutes. Choose a scalp or foot massage while you wait.

Body Scrubs
A mixture of scrub exfoliate, oil, and aromatics is applied to your skin. You will also receive a Swedish massage during your body scrub. During a body scrub you may choose to be partially clothed with undergarments.

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