Academic Collaborators

The Communication Center's central collaborators include a variety of individuals from academic settings. This blend of clinically-based researchers with scholarly expertise has facilitated the development of meaningful research for the patients and families we serve as well as for professionals in the field of speech-language pathology.

  • David R. Beukelman, PhD, CCC-SLP Senior Research Associate
    Communication Center, Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering
    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Janice C. Light, PhD

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Dr. Julie A. Marshall UNMC College of Dentistry

  • David B. McNaughton, PhD

    Pennsylvania State University

  • Melanie Fried-Oken, PhD, CCC-SLP

    Oregon Health & Science University

  • Cara E. Stepp, PhD

    Boston University

  • Nilanjan Banerjee, PhD

    University of Maryland, Baltimore County

  • Steven M. Barlow, PhD

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Angela M. Dietsch, PhD

    University of Nebraska-Lincoln

  • Amy Nordness, PhD, CCC-SLP

    University of Nebraska Medical Center

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