Gait and Motion Lab

Movement and Neurosciences Center Laboratory

Richard W. and Jacqueline B. Chapin Gait and Motion Lab

People served in the Chapin Gait and Motion Lab include individuals with medical conditions due to strokes, spinal cord injuries, amputations, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and post polio. This 1,644 square-foot lab contains state-of-the art technology for evaluating movement function. The equipment includes twelve Oqus digital infrared cameras, four force platforms, a 16-channel surface electromyography system, a computerized pressure-mapping system for the feet, a metabolic cart for assessing movement efficiency, a Biodex system for quantifying strength and a 16 foot electronic walkway for recording stride characteristics during walking.

The 100' runway allows study of a variety of activities including walking, running, wheelchair propulsion and exercise on adaptive equipment. An overhead safety support track can be used to provide additional body weight support for individuals who may require physical assistance due to an injury (e.g., a stroke or multiple fractures). A high-speed computer network interconnects computers to assist with rapid processing and interpretation of data acquired during sessions. Shared office space (310 square feet) and a dedicated storage area (140 square feet) augment the lab's capacity.


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