Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital offers aquatic therapy at two locations.

  • The pool, located at Madonna ProActive features three pools along with expert staff to help each person take advantage of the physical and emotional benefits of water. From the independent swimming and group aquatic classes to specialized aquatic therapy, Madonna ProActive provides a variety of ways to take advantage of all that the water has to offer. The pools at ProActive are all accessible with zero entry.

    Whether in our brightly lit 25-meter Junior Olympic pool, our unique warm water therapy pool with counter-current aqua track, or our outdoor pool, the Madonna TherapyPlus and ProActive staff of physical therapists, occupational therapists and certified aquatics exercise instructors provide a stimulating and safe pool experience. Aquatic therapy can be exclusive or in conjunction with land therapy. Aquatic therapy will enhance your land therapy outcomes and increase your functional ability. Therapists will also develop an individualized aquatic exercise program that you can continue independently to further meet your needs.

    Madonna ProActive also offers a variety of aquatic classes in addition to the individualized therapy. Aquatic classes provide low-impact exercise opportunities, which are excellent for individuals with arthritis or other joint problems. ProActive has a multitude of classes, focusing on stretching, toning, gentle exercise or fast-paced aerobics.

  • The Hazel Able Tallman pool, located at Madonna's Main Campus, is a 32 foot by 22 foot warm water pool. The pool is designed to meet the needs of different people by offering stairs, a wheelchair lift or a stretcher lift for access. Madonna's expert staff of specially trained physical and occupational therapists provide individual aquatic therapy for inpatients or outpatients with a variety of diagnoses. As appropriate, they design individualized exercise programs and make recommendations for groups or classes either at Madonna or in the community. Madonna offers two aquatics classes on its Main Campus, each directed by a specially trained aquatics therapy aid or therapist:

      - Arthritis Foundation Class: Gentle exercises in the warm water pool are a safe and soothing way to begin a workout program or stretch a painful joint or muscle. The Arthritis Foundation Class was designed by the Arthritis Foundation, and staff who lead the class have been specially trained by them. The class is offered from Noon-1 p.m. Monday through Friday for a modest fee.
      - Independent Aquatics: The pool is open from 7:30-9 a.m. Monday through Friday for community members to exercise independently for a modest fee.
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