Program Description

Madonna is one of the only rehabilitation providers in the region that has on-site driver rehabilitation services, provided by certified driver rehabilitation specialists. Having this service on-site means that discussions regarding driving can be truly integrated into interdisciplinary treatment planning, patients and families have easy, timely access to information about driving, and the entire team is tuned into those things that are necessary prior to having a driver evaluation. Driver Rehabilitation Services at Madonna include several different pieces, described below.

Abilities Assessment: To determine if driving is an option following an injury or illness, Madonna's Occupational Therapists who are specially trained and certified in driver rehabilitation complete an assessment that includes the following basic skills:

  • Reaction time
  • Visual and perception skills
  • Hand, arm and leg sensation, movement and control
  • Ability to get in and out of a vehicle
  • Problem-solving and judgment skills
  • Basic driving knowledge

Driver Evaluation: Based on abilities and limitations, an on-road driving evaluation may be recommended. Using Madonna's training car or van, which is equipped with hand and foot controls, patients are evaluated on:

  • Applications of basic driving skills and knowledge
  • Ability to maneuver a vehicle safely
  • Need for any adaptive equipment

Vehicle Modification and Adaptive Equipment: There are many products available to assist people with various limitations with access and driving. Madonna's driving instructors may work with local venders when selecting and fitting appropriate adaptive equipment to ensure proper modification of each individual's personal vehicle.

Training: Driver training takes place either in Madonna's vehicle or in the patient's modified vehicle. Specific routes, such as how to get to work or school, or practice in rural versus urban environments are selected depending upon the specific needs and abilities of each individual. Other areas of training may include:

  • Relearning basic skills (as noted under Assessment)
  • Reviewing defensive driving techniques and strategies
  • Learning to use and care for specialized equipment
  • Increasing reaction times

Certification: Madonna's Driver Rehabilitation Service is licensed by the State of Nebraska. Instructors are Occupational Therapists who have completed specialized training in driver education for persons with disabilities, and hold national certification as a Driver Rehabilitation Specialist. For more information about this certification, visit

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