Who We Serve

The neuropsychology department at Madonna serves a wide variety of clients. Our primary mission is providing services to individuals with cognitively or physically disabling conditions, such as persons with brain injury, spinal cord injury, dementia, or neurodegenerative disorders. Neuropsychology staff members treat persons on both an inpatient and outpatient basis. Patients with some of the following concerns or problems may benefit from working with a neuropsychologist:

  • Questions about cognitive functioning, such as the ability to work, drive, or manage finances
  • Concerns with memory loss or dementia
  • Problems with emotional adjustment to a medical or physically-disabling condition
  • Mild traumatic brain injury or sports concussion
  • Difficulties with behavioral changes following a brain injury
  • Legal concerns related to cognitive injuries (such as guardianship or personal injury legal proceedings)
  • Difficulties with school or work re-entry following an injury
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