Wheelchair Seating & Positioning

It's important for individuals who use a wheelchair to have the right equipment both in terms of fit and also utility. Individuals may be scheduled for a comprehensive seating and positioning assessment on an inpatient or outpatient basis. This service, which involves a 2 hour session with the patient, one or more specially trained therapists, and an equipment vendor, results in a prescription for the most appropriate wheelchair, cushion, and control system for each individual.

Technology: In addition to a wide variety of specialty wheelchairs, cushions, and control systems, Madonna has an electronic pressure mapping system. When the patient sits on the special pressure pad, a computer program graphically presents pressure areas. This helps the therapists identify positioning as well as appropriate cushions for each individual that result in the least amount of pressure areas.

The smart wheel system also assists the seating specialists insight into the efficiency, speed and accuracy of manual wheelchair propulsion and can then make recommendations based on objective data for the best configuration of a manual wheelchair setup. This system assists in prevention of secondary complications such as overuse syndromes from repetitive wheelchair propulsion.

Professionals: Two Physical Therapists and one Occupational Therapist at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospital have received RESNA certification as Assistive Technology Practitioners. This means they have the special training necessary to prescribe wheelchair seating and positioning systems as well as appropriate assistive technology that works in concert with the wheelchairs.

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