Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need a referral from my doctor for therapy?

    No, you do not need to have a referral from your physician to receive therapy. However, many insurance plans require a physician referral. Medicare and Midland's Choice are examples. It is recommended that you contact your insurance company via the phone number listed on your insurance card to find out whether or not a physician order is required for therapy benefits. The order will only be valid for 30 days from the date that it is written, so it is important to schedule your first therapy appointment within that 30-day time frame.

    If you have Medicare coverage, you will need a referral from your physician for therapy. A referral from a healthcare professional other than a medical doctor, such as chiropractor or dentist, will not be accepted by Medicare.

  • What happens at my first therapy appointment?

    You should arrive to your appointment 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time.

    You will need to complete the admission paperwork (link to TherapyPlus/Patient Information/Forms) prior to your appointment.

    You will need to present your insurance card(s) and your order for therapy or other payer information if work comp or auto.

    A therapist will complete a therapy evaluation. This evaluation will include discussion of medical history, current medications, diagnosis, function and pain limitations, as well as goals for therapy. In addition, your therapist will perform an objective evaluation that will assist with developing a treatment program that will allow you to meet your therapy goals and return to your normal function.

  • How much time should I plan for each therapy appointment?

    Your initial evaluation will last approximately one hour, with subsequent visits lasting 30 minutes to an hour. Once your initial evaluation is complete, your therapist will be able to provide you a more accurate time frame for additional therapy visits.

  • What should I wear for therapy?

    Land Based Therapy: Comfortable clothing is recommended. It is best to wear loose fitting clothing, such as shorts or sweatpants for lower extremity problems and a tank top or a loose fitting shirt for upper extremity/torso problems. It is also recommended that you bring or wear tennis shoes.

    Aquatic Therapy: You will need to wear a swimsuit or dark colored t-shirt and shorts (hemmed, no cutoffs) and pool shoes that have not been worn outside or in lake water. Towels are provided. There are places to change with lockers to store your personal items, and it is recommended that you bring a lock to secure your items in the locker. The lockers are for day use only.

  • Will I be able to schedule appointments around my work schedule?

    Yes, we have convenient locations and offer early morning and evening appointments. Please review our therapy locations and hours to determine which facility will best suit your scheduling needs.

  • How many therapy visits will I need?

    This is based on your diagnosis and the complexity of your symptoms. Your therapy could last as little as one visit or it could last for several months. Your therapist will periodically reevaluate your progress and provide recommendations to you and your physician as to your continued therapy.

  • How will my doctor know how I'm doing in therapy?

    Your therapist will provide your doctor with a report from your first therapy visit. This report will include the results of your evaluation, treatment plan and goals for therapy. In addition, your therapist will provide your doctor progress reports throughout your therapy program, ensuring up to date information regarding your therapy progress and status.

  • Should I ask my doctor if I need therapy?

    It is a good idea to discuss whether or not therapy is right for you. If your doctor has questions or would like to contact us regarding specific therapy treatments, he/she is welcome to contact any of our therapy offices.

  • Is therapy covered by my insurance?

    Most health insurance companies will cover therapy costs; however, specific coverage may vary depending on specific diagnoses. You can visit our insurance link to view the insurance plans with which we currently participate.

  • What is expected of me during therapy?

    How quickly you respond to therapy and get back to normal functioning is greatly dependent on you. Your participation and commitment with treatment and exercises provided by your therapist will ensure that you obtain the most from your therapy. To ensure success, you need to attend all scheduled appointments and perform any home exercises your therapist prescribes. Communication between you and your therapist is also important to your recovery.

  • What happens after therapy? Once you are discharged from therapy, you may need to continue with a exercise program. This program may be able to be completed in your home or may be better suited for a fitness center setting. Madonna TherapyPlus offers the Structured Independence Program or the TherapyPlus Aftercare program to provide a setting in which you can perform these exercises.

  • Why choose TherapyPlus?

    You have the right to choose where to go for therapy. Madonna TherapyPlus is committed to providing top notch patient care for outpatients. TherapyPlus offers four convenient locations throughout Lincoln. Each location offers one-on-one therapy appointments with a clinician, extended hours and state of the art equipment and technology. Our expert clinicians are highly trained and qualified and provide services that you cannot find in every clinic.

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