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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals


A neuropsychologist is a licensed psychologist with advanced training in how behavior and cognitive abilities are related to brain structure. A neuropsychological assessment includes standardized testing in memory, attention, reasoning, and other skills. Test scores are compared to norms, usually corrected for age, gender, and education, allowing for accurate judgments about the extent of cognitive impairment and the patient’s residual strengths. Test results can aid in recommendations for easing the return to home, community, work and school.

While many rehabilitation centers outsource neuropsychology services, Madonna staffs psychologists and counselors who are integral members of the patient care  team. Psychologists actively work with patients to address difficult problems, such as substance abuse, altered sexual functioning and changing life roles. Madonna’s philosophy is to address these issues early in recovery, rather than wait for them to emerge later as serious obstacles. Psychologists are in a position to approach such problems in a knowledgeable, diplomatic, and experienced manner.

Patients with some of the following concerns or problems may benefit from working with a neuropsychologist:

  • Questions about cognitive functioning, such as the ability to work, drive, or manage finances
  • Concerns with memory loss or dementia
  • Problems with emotional adjustment to a medical or physically-disabling condition
  • Mild traumatic brain injury or sports concussion
  • Difficulties with behavioral changes following a brain injury
  • Legal concerns related to cognitive injuries (such as guardianship or personal injury legal proceedings)
  • Difficulties with school or work re-entry following an injury

A variety of services are offered, including neuropsychological assessment, adjustment counseling, pain management, family therapy, concussion/mild brain injury evaluation, memory testing, dementia evaluation, neurofeedback, biofeedback, behavioral management and psychoeducation.

The department works closely with Madonna's Institute for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering. Department members are actively involved in generating original research in a number of areas, including youth sports concussion, neuroplasticity, holistic treatment of neurological conditions, mild TBI rehabilitation, and data-based rehabilitation team decision-making.