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Family-centered care a way of life for married Madonna therapists
February 13, 2020

Meet Matt and Diane Ulmer, a husband and wife duo who together have contributed more than 25 years to Madonna. Matt is a physical therapist and Diane is the program manager for Madonna’s Spinal Cord Unit. The Ulmers met at Madonna and work within the same team of clinical experts who provide care for spinal cord patients. Together, they have grown in love for each other and for the work they do that impacts the countless families who have loved ones rehabilitating from serious injury or illness. Diane and Matt opened up about how they met, what it’s like working together and how Madonna has shaped their family for the better.

A day in the life of a rehabilitation nurse
January 14, 2020

At Madonna Rehabiltiation Hospitals, a career in nursing offers an exciting opportunity to be an integral part of the recovery journey for patients from across the country. The longer length of stay truly allows our nursing staff to connect with patients and form relationships with their families, as well as provide education and help the family build confidence in providing care and support for their loved one long after discharge. Our nursing staff is central to the mission of Madonna

Helpful Hints for Helmets
December 18, 2019

From toddlers to teens, ride-on toys are popular toys. They can be a lot of fun, encouraging kids to remain physically active and enjoy the outdoors. However, 18% of parents say their child doesn't wear a helmet when riding a bike, a number that increases dramatically for other wheeled toys. Learn more and get helpful tips for protecting your child's brain from injury.