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Helping your child develop language skills at home
April 06, 2020

While observing social distancing due to the COVID-19 outbreak and while students are learning from home, there are several ways to continue the development of language skills. Get tips from Lacy Albrecht, a speech-language pathologist who specializes in pediatric patients. 

Young nurse proves strokes can happen to anyone
March 03, 2020

Jamie Richards is a young nurse who never imagined she would suffer a stroke. Relearning how to walk, prepare food and care for her family motivated the young woman in her recovery and she credits the experience for making her a better nurse, mother and advocate for other stroke patients.  

Madonna celebrates recreation therapy month
February 24, 2020

At Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals, hundreds of patients recovering from serious injury or illness push through hours of therapy each day with a goal of getting back to their life roles. While all types of therapies involve work, Madonna’s recreational therapists (RTs) help patients get back to their hobbies and passions, integrating those joys into rehabilitation.