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Family is the most important part of therapy for Kansas graduate

December 28, 2016

Family is the most important part of therapy for Kansas graduate from Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals on Vimeo.


LINCOLN, Neb. (MADONNA)--Myles Hibler has family on his side. After a car accident left him with severe neck and spinal injuries, he came to Madonna to continue his recovery. The Hiblers showed the Madonna staff how important having a supportive family can be through rehabilitation. They continue to inspire our staff every day.

Myles Hibler just beat his twin Michael in NFL on Xbox. The brothers are used to playing together a lot back home in Kansas City, but this game is different because Myles hasn’t been able to play Xbox since June.

“Basically, playing video games is something that we always like to do, so it’s been really fun getting to play against him again,” said Myles.

Myles is able to play with a Quadstick, meaning the sibling rivalry and trash talk is back on, after the two were involved in a rollover car accident in late June, leaving Myles with severe neck and spinal injuries.

“I mean I just remember I was right there with him and I didn’t know if he would make it,” said Michael.

Myles had immediate surgery at the University of Kansas Medical Center, and then came to Madonna on July 1, a three-hour drive from home, which meant spending time away from Michael.

“It was little scary at first when I got here. Because, you know, new city new state. It was a little hard adjusting. But I mean the people here, they made my experience so much better,” said Myles.

“The longest was a week, and that’s a long time for us.  If I wasn’t here, I always wanted to be here. And if I was at home, I was always like sad, a little depressed, but I called every day. We FaceTimed,” said Michael.

At Madonna, our staff knows how important family is, and wanted to do their best to make it easy for the Hiblers to visit and stay with Myles during their time in Lincoln.

“I remember coming up here and we were spending the night in the lobby the first couple of weeks, and they were very welcoming and welcomed us in like family,” said Michael.

The two just graduated in May and at a time where looking for a job or applying to grad school is what other young adults are doing, Michael chooses to stay at Madonna with Myles until he can return home.

“It means everything, that’s like my second half. It’s crazy because like I said we’ve always been together our whole lives. And just having him here, it means everything to me,” said Myles.

Their mom’s support is equally as important, and again showed the Madonna staff how strong the Hibler family is. Their mom, Pam, inspires not just her kids, but also the whole staff at Madonna. She is the first parent who has ever received the Madonna Spirit Award.

“It was amazing we asked Myles who his hero was and he said ‘my mom, obviously,’” said Myles' Respiratory Therapist, Annie Bossard.

"I think his mom had maybe, kind of, she always gave me the impression that, yes, this is kind of a sad thing that is going on right now, or a traumatic event that happened to this family. But, you know like, God has a plan. And we're going to figure this out. And you know, that just was very inspirational to us too," said Michelle Claycomb, one of Myles' physical therapists.

With his mom and brother by his side, and his new Madonna family also supporting him, Myles is thankful for how far he’s come since July.

“Since I got the DPS, Diaphragm Pace Maker, breathing on my own, you know. That’s something I’ve really been working on. I really didn’t think I would get that back. It’s definitely been working out pretty good,” said Myles.

But breathing on his own isn’t the only thing Myles wants to accomplish. 

“And get my master’s in marketing. That and get a job. That’s something I really want to do when I get back,” said Myles.

No matter what the obstacle may be, Myles knows he won’t have to take it on alone.

“Anything that I have going on in my life, it doesn’t matter. Every time I look at him, you know, he inspires me the most,” said Michael.

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