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Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals

Healing the Whole Person

April 28, 2021

A holistic approach to addressing the mind, body, and spirit of a patient increases the impact of the rehabilitation process and is a hallmark of Madonna’s care model. By helping patients and their families achieve balance in healing the whole person, neuropsychology strives for deeper understanding and awareness, encourages collaboration, and improves communication for our patients, their families and within care teams. Our neuropsychologists take pride in their role to support the phenomenal outcomes of our patients.

Regardless of the patient’s age or details leading to admission, they and their families are usually physically and emotionally exhausted. Recovery from injury or illness is often a long journey and the recovery process can take a toll.

“While caring for our patients is at the heart of what we do, what they are experiencing also has an impact on their families and their other social networks. Each patient and family is going to need something different during their rehabilitation journey,” said Shawn Curtis, licensed psychologist, at Madonna Rehabilitation Hospitals Lincoln – Campus.

As both collaborator and communicator, neuropsychologists address the emotional and cognitive needs of patients and their families to better support the rest of the interdisciplinary team for the best patient outcomes. Through the assessment of cognitive, behavioral, and emotional health, the neuropsychologist can synthesize large amounts of information to help the team recognize what’s helpful in the patient’s rehabilitation. Their expertise helps clarify confusion, answer the unknowns and guide effective treatment to maximize recovery.

Madonna’s neuropsychology department consists of dedicated experts with a wide array of specialties who provide consultation using a deep pool of knowledge and experience.